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Take Good Care of the Fridge : Kim Ji-woo, Kolleen Park - Part 2 - 07/09/2018


What's In Your Fridge?

Best Chefs in Korea Cook Easy Delicious Meals with Simple Ingredients

This cooking show teaches you how to cook delicious meals with simple ingredients you can find in your fridge. Get easy recipes for delicious food and also take a peek at celebrity guests' fridges.

Tags take care of the fridge, Ahn Jung-hwan, Jeong Ho-young, Lee Yun-bok, Raymon Kim, Mihal, Kim Pung, Jung Hyung-don, Kim Sung-joo, Yoo Hyun-soo, Jung Ji-seon, cooking, recipe, JTBC, food, variety, cookin

Take Good Care of the Fridge - Episode

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