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Swing Kids : Trailer

Movie Info.


Swing Kids



Director / Writer

Kang Hyung-Chul


D.O,Jared Grimes,Park Hye-Soo,Oh Jung-Sae,Kim Min-Ho


In Geoje POW camp, 1951, US army is struggling to control the conflict between prisoners. The Warden orders Jackson, a former Broadway tap dancer, to form a dance team. In order to meet his family in Japan, Jackson reluctantly starts to recruit the dancers. In the end, he has four dancers: Pan-rae is a young girl who uses her languages ability to take care of her family. Byung-sam wants to be famous so he can find his lost wife. Shaofang, a Chinese prisoner, is a natural-born dancer and Roh Ki-su is the best troublemaker in the camp. They had a rough start, but they soon fall in love with the tap beat that makes their hearts race. But the conflicts inside the camp become more serious, and Ki-su is forced to prove his loyalty to the Communist party. When the day finally comes, the 'Swing Kids' takes the stage to burn all their passion and pain.



Running Time

133 min

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