Suspicious Mother-in-Law : E60


Jenny Han, a famous fashion designer, relies everything on her mother. Su-jin has been managing Jenny for her whole life, including putting pressure on her to get married to a wealthy hotelier. When Jenny falls in love with Eun-seok, she realizes she needs to get out of Su-jin's control. Su-jin would do anything to keep Jenny in her leash. That's why she opposed Jenny's marriage to Eun-seok. Meanwhile, Eun-seok's grandfather, a wealthy businessman, forms a task force to find "The Black Rose," the culprit of his son's death. In the course of the investigation, Kyung-in, Jenny's friend and a freelance journalist, gets into an accident. Jenny, Eun-seok, and Dong-ju, Kyung-in's brother, get a hunch that two cases are related. As she approaches the whole truth behind the incident, Jenny feels that her own world is crumbling down.

Tags drama,family,Kim Hye-sun, Shin Da-eun, Park Jin-woo, Son Woo-hyuk, An Yeon-hong, Kim Jung-hyun, Ko In-bum, Yang Jung-ah, Hwang Myung-hwan, Han So-hyun, Yoon Bok-in , Ko Da-yeon, Lee Han-seo, Song Yeon

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