Hwa Jung, the Princess of Light : E01


A History of Struggle with Injustice

Hwa Jung, the Princess of Light is the retelling of the complex politics in 17th century Joseon, following the turbulent life of Princess Jungmyung, the daughter of King Seonjo. The princess was born as the eldest child of the king and his young queen consort, but her life turned into a tragedy when her father died when she was very young. Her status was demoted, and she was sent to Japan to work at a sulfur mine. That experience made her strong and resilient. With the help of Hong Joo-won, who came to Japan as a diplomat, Jungmyung came back to Joseon. Working as a maid at the Firearm Development Center, she watches the governance of her half-brother Gwanghae, who locked her and her mother and killed her younger brother.

Tags Drama,Historical,Cha Seung-won,Lee Yeon-hee,Kim Jae-won,Seo Kang-joon,Hwa Jung, the Princess of Light,MBC

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