Shopping King Louis : E01


A Priceless Love Story in the Age of Materialism

After his parents’ tragic accident, Kang Ji-sung is raised as Louie in the U.S, spoiled and indulged by his grandmother who has become overly protective of him after the traumatic accident. As a result, Louie is sheltered from both dangers and joys of the real world and grows up to be a man who doesn’t know how to do anything except shopping, the only hobby allowed to him. An accident causes Louie to lose his memories upon his arrival in Korea, and he ends up being a homeless man in the street of Seoul. A fate brings him to Bok-shil, an angelic country girl with incredible optimism and diligence who has come to Seoul to find a better future for herself. In portraying stories of their struggles and love, the drama exposes futility of superficial life and shows that what really matters in life has no price, even in a society ruled by money.

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