Shooting the Star : E12 - 11/20/2022


[Updated on Sat/Sun] So-ra has two most significant people in her life: Ba-da, her brother who has supported her for years, and Do-hoon, her boyfriend for seven years. However, Do-hoon suddenly betrayed both the siblings. As he gets recruited to a giant entertainment management firm, he breaks off the partnership with Ba-da and snatches Ye-rin, an aspiring actress Ba-da cares about. He also breaks up with So-ra for good. Dispaired and disheartened So-ra gets consolation from Sung-tae, a handsome bellboy whom Ba-da saw the potential to be a star. So-ra persuades Ba-da not to give up his career, saying she will be the manager for Sung-tae. So, the novice manager and an aspiring actor are trying to overcome their weakness and navigate the glamorous and cruel world of show business.

Tags Drama,romance,Jeon Do-yeon,Jo In-sung,Lee Seo-jin,Hong Eun-hee,Shooting the Star,SBS

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