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Serenade of Peaceful Joy follows Zhao Zhen, Emperor Renzong of the Song Dynasty, navigating the complicated politics of the court and the royal family and contemplating his role as the emperor, son, husband, and father. He always feels sorry for Li family that the Empress Dowager took him from his birth mother, Li Lanhui. For compensation, he marries his favorite daughter Huirou to Li Wei of Li family. In court, the powerful bureaucrats and rising officials struggle for political power, and Zhao Zhen must seize the absolute power balancing the power between parties. He rarely expresses emotion, and it isn't helpful for the relationship with the family. So when Huirou disobeys him to find her happiness, he is torn between maintaining law and order and protecting his beloved child.

Tags Serenade of Peaceful Joy, Noahmob, drama, historical, Chinese Drama, Wang Kai, Maggie Jiang, Ren Min

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