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Sell Your Haunted House : E16


Daebak Real Estates specializes in exorcism on haunted houses: it frees souls tied in properties by fulfilling their wishes. The boss, Ms. Hong, is very good at her job, except she can't release the mother ghost haunting her house. She hasn't found a medium that can listen to the spirit and send her beyond. One day, while she is doing her job, she meets Oh In-bum, a young man who cons people, saying that he can get rid of ghosts by the electromagnetic wave. She initially gets annoyed by him but soon finds out he is a powerful medium who doesn't realize his potential. She offers cooperation to him, and that's when the unique partnership between an exorcist and a medium begins.

Tags KBS,drama,fantasy,Sell Your Haunted House,Jang Na-ra,Jung Yong-hwa,Kang Mal-geum,Kang Hong-seok

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