Secret Reunion : Trailer

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Secret Reunion



Director / Writer

Jang Hoon


Song Kang-ho,Kang Dong-won


A mysterious gun fight happens on the busy streets of Seoul. The gun fight, which was in fact an attempted assassination of North Korean defector, becomes a turning point for both Han-gyu, a National Intelligence Service agent, and Ji-won, a North Korean undercover spy. Han-gyu gets discharged for withholding critical information from his superiors about the assassination, and Ji-won is mistakenly branded as a betrayer and is forced to go into hiding. Six years later, two men cross paths again, and they immediately recognize each other. Both men feign ignorance of the other’s identity, hoping to use the other to acquire information that would help them redeem themselves in the organizations they once belonged. However, a friendship develops between two men who share a similar fate despite the differences in their ideology, and the tension grows deeper as Ji-won receives one last mission from North Korea…



Running Time

116 min

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