Royal Nirvana : E20 - 02/13/2020


Crown Prince Xiao Ding Quan lost his mother and sister and got estranged from his father, the Emperor. He gets military support from his uncle, famous General Gu, and the Gu Family; he also gets political support through his teacher, Lu Shi Yu, and his followers. The Emperor takes his son's followers as a threat to the throne, while the weak and sensitive Crown Prince wants his father's affection and approvals. Prince Qi, the half-brother of the Crown Prince, takes the opportunity to bring the father and son apart. He slanders the Crown Prince and his followers; he even kills Lu Ying, a well-known scholar, and frames Ding Quan as the culprit. Wen Xi, Lu Ying's daughter, enters the palace as a slave.

Tags drama,chinese drama, historical, period,royal nirvana,Lou Jin, Li Yi Tong, Hwang Zhi Zhong, Wang Jin Song, Roy Liu, Jin Han, Zheng Ye Cheng, Zhang Zhi Jian, Pu Miao, Xin Peng

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