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Red Shoes : E69 - 10/26/2021


Min Hee-kyung dreamed of being a fashion designer, but poverty kept her from success. After graduating high school, she worked at a shoe factory, got married, and had children. To pursue her dream, however, she abandoned all of them and ran away. Hee-kyung is now a successful shoe designer with wealth, reputation, and perfect family, and she has to face the biggest competitor in her life: her own daughter, Jin-ah. After her mother disappeared and her father died from a hit-and-run accident, she was cared for by kind neighbors. Growing up as a lovely and cheerful lady, Jin-ah never forgets the pain and swears revenge to her mother. As she becomes one of the hottest new shoe designers, her success might threaten Hee-kyung carefully crafted empire.

Tags KBS,drama,soap opera,Red Shoes,Choi Myung-gil,So Yi-hyun,Park Yoon-jae

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