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A girl awakens up from a coma, losing all her memories. She is told that she is Rong Le, the princess of Western Qi. She sometimes remembers small moments, but they only fuel her suspicion about her true identity. Rong Le is to marry Wuyou, the seventh prince of neighboring Northern Lin, for the alliance of two kingdoms. When Wuyou refuses the marriage, Rong Le persuades the Nothern Lin court to postpone the decision for six months. In the meantime, she stays at Nothern Lin, posing as Man Yao, a tea house owner, and executes her secret mission. Wuyou, who likes to drink good tea, visits the new tea house and gets smitten with Man Yao.

Tags Drama,Fantasy,Zhang Xueying,Aarif Rahman,Lou Yunxi,Jing Chao,Princess Silver,ETTV

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