Princess Hours : E01


An Ordinary Girl Marries the Crown Prince!

Chae-kyung, an ordinary 18-year-old girl, finds her world upside down when she learns that she has to marry the Crown Prince, Lee Shin, because of their grandfathers' arrangement. The world is excited to learn of the modern day Cinderella story, but Chae-kyung can't believe that she has to get married at such a young age. However, she gives in to help relieve her family's debts. She starts her training to be the next Queen no thanks to her husband who doesn't give her a second glance. Then Chae-kyung meets Lee Yul, Shin's cousin, who takes care of her in the cold and lonely palace. As time goes on, Shin also starts opening up to his wife while the tension between the two cousins grows and Chae-kyung finds herself torn between the two boys.

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