Priest : E11


At Southern Catholic Hospital, arrives a patient who is undiagnosable with modern medicine. When doctors realize they are out of the option to treat the patient, some mysterious people show up. 634 Regia, an informal exorcist group, consists of 2 priests, Oh Su-min & Moon Ki-sun, and 3 people who support the exorcism. They start the exorcism to save the possessed and defeat the evil souls. Ham Eun-ho, a doctor at the hospital, doesn't understand the unscientific methods; she cannot believe in the existence of an evil. But a series of inexplicable incidents lead her to form an alliance with them. Exorcism continues, and they start to trust each other. As they become a team, the dark secrets start to reveal itself.

Tags OCN, thriller, drama, horror, Yeon Woo-jin, Jung Yu-mi, Park Yong-woo

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