President : E02


Chang Il-joon, a third-time elected Assemblyman, dreams of becoming the next president. He lost his brother while being locked up in prison on espionage charges. After being cleared of charges, went to Germany, where he met his wife, Cho So-hee. People think him as a charismatic politician or a corrupt activist who colluded with Chaebol. To boost Il-joon's approval ratings up, the camp suggests Yoo Min-ki, a documentary filmmaker, to make a film about the candidate, but he declines the offer. When Min-ki's mother dies in an explosion on her restaurant, Il-joon confess that he is Min-ki's biological father. Il-joon asks Min-ki to join the camp to discover the truth about 'Jang Il-joon,' and Min-ki accepts the offer. While Il-joon defeats his rivals one by one and gets one step closer to the presidency, Min-ki recognizes the ugliest side of power.

Tags drama,kbs2,president,Choi Soo-jong,Ha Hee-ra, Jae,Wang Ji-hye, Sungmin

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