Political Fever : E02 - 07/01/2022


[New episode released on Wed/Fri/Sun] Lee Jung-eun was an Olympic gold medalist and first-time national assembly member who was just appointed as the minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Though her confirmation process is imperfect, she thinks the position can give her an ideal opportunity to do something. But people around her don't make her life easier: reluctant civil workers, a royal but sly assistant, seasoned and manipulative rival politicians, etc. However, when Jung-eun's husband and left-wing political commentator Kim Sung-ham goes missing, Jung-eun does everything she can to find her husband. But she can't expect that this happening can turn her political career in a different way.

Tags drama,comedy,Kim Sung-kyung,Bae Hae-sun,Lee Hak-joo,Baek Hyun-jin,Political Fever,Wavve America

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