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Police University : E12


Seon-ho was a hacking genius who didn't have a desire, taste, nor a dream. His colorless life changed when he met his first love. Following Gang-hee, his crush who dreamed of becoming a police officer, he enrolls at the Police University. What he didn't expect was that he would meet someone from the past. Dong-man, a detective who prefers to be in the field, gets transferred to the university as a professor. For Dong-man, Seon-ho was the one who butchered a case he investigated for two years. So, their relationship in the college starts rocky: Dong-man tries to kick Seon-ho out, while Seon-ho does everything to stay. As time goes by, the two gradually grow up: Seon-ho's life becomes more lively with friendship and love, and Dong-man hopes to find passion in the school.

Tags Drama ,Cha Tae-hyun,Jinyoung,Krystal,Police University,KBS

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