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Please Don't Date Him : E03 - 11/30/2020


Ji-sung works as a smart electronics developer and a bride-to-be who will get married to a kind and sweet dentist. Despite her goal of living a quiet and comfortable life, her reality complies with problems after problems. One day, Jango, the smart refrigerator in development, has a spark that almost turns into a fire. Since that day, Jango works beyond Ji-sung's intention: he pours our certain people's information: personal info, credit card usage, messages with friends, etc. That's how she finds out her boss's corruption, her friend's boyfriend's secret identity, and her fiance's disgusting crime. Jango takes care of her life before she messes up, like an ancestor. Since then, Ji-sung and her friends depend their romances on an AI fridge.

Tags MBC, drama, romance, comedy, Please Don't Date Him, Song Ha-yoon, Lee Joon-young, Gong Min-jung, Yoon Bo-mi

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