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[Updated on Mon/Tue] Uk-kwan's low life had just turned when he met Hye-rim, a widow with two kids. He tries to get clean his hands and put his shameful past behind him to become a better man for her. Hye-rim accepted his love, and the two got married, and Uk-hwan became a father to his son Jae-soo and to Hye-rim's kids, Su-ah and Kyung-ho. The couple had a daughter, Joo-hee, and lived happily until Hye-rim suddenly died in an unexpected accident. Uk-hwan would do anything to keep the family together and support all his children, but Su-ah and Kyung-ho had difficulty accepting Uk-kwan as their guardian.

Tags Drama,Cho Jae-hyun,Kim Ha-nuel,Ko Soo,Jo In-sung,Piano,SBS

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