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Phoenix 2020 : E117 - 04/06/2021


Ji-eun is an heiress, and Se-hun is from a modest background. Despite the social and economic differences, they fell for each other. Ji-eun got pregnant, and they got married. But the conflict between Se-hun and Ji-eun's parents didn't go away, and Ji-eun got emotionally exhausted. When Ji-eun had a miscarriage, she said goodbye to Se-hun, who decided to leave the country. Ten years later, Ji-eun works as a house helper after her father died, and the family inherited massive debt. She starts seeing someone who might make her love someone again. Meanwhile, Se-hun becomes a successful businessman and returns to Korea. Even though their social and economic status gets reversed, fate seems to bring them back together.

Tags SBS, Drama, Phoenix 2020, Hong Soo-ah, Lee Jae-woo, Seo Ha-joon, Park Young-rin

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