Personal Taste : E01


After her long-time boyfriend dumps her, Park Kae-in decides to reject all straight men and make a gay friend. Jeon Jin-ho, an architect who needs to analyze the architecture style of Kae-in’s house for a business deal, pretends to be gay to move in with her. However, as they spend more and more time together, the two realize that they are falling for each other…

Tags Personal Taste,MBC,drama,Son Ye-jin,Lee Min-ho,Kim Ji-seok,Wang Ji-hye,Ryu Seung-ryong,Im Seul-ong,Jo Eun-ji,Bong Tae-gyu,Jung Sung-hwa,Kang Shin-il,Ahn Suk-hwan,Jang Won-young,Park Hae

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