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Perfume : E03


Seo Yi-do, the fashion genius, is a very delicate and weak man with allergies and illnesses. He deals a severe trauma from childhood as well as a heartbreak from the past. He knows that he will live miserably forever, until a strange and weird girl jumps in front of his car, demanding that she should be his model. The girl, Min Ye-rin, breaks down the wall around him brick by brick. But Yi-do doesn't know who she is, nor why she desperately wants to change him. Ye-rin gets obsessed with him because he must be the one who can make her dream come true. She, no, Jae-hee planned to end her unhappy marriage by murder/suicide. At the D-day, she received a package, a bottle of magic perfume. The perfume changes her into a beautiful twentysomething girl. Till the last drop, she chooses to do the one thing she always wanted to.

Tags Drama,Shin Sung-rok, Ko Won-hee, Ha Jae-sook, Cha Ye-Ryun, Kim Min-gyu, Jo Han-cheol, Kim Jin-kyung, Shin Hye-jeong, Yeon Min-ji

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