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Peninsula : Trailer

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Movie Info.





Director / Writer

Yeon Sang-ho,Ryu Yong-jae


Kang Dong-won,Lee Jung-hyun,Lee Re,Kwon Hae-hyo


Four years ago, when the zombies swept the south region of the Han peninsula, Jung-suk, an Army officer, lost his family to the outbreak. Now, living in Hong Kong as a refugee, he decides to join the most dangerous mission to have a better life: returning to the peninsula and retrieving a truck full of cash. The obstacles in the wasteland are not only a herd of zombies. The 631 unit, the last remaining soldiers who protected the capital years ago, robs the truck from him. They have become ruthless outlaws with no mercy to fellow survivors. With another survivor Min-jung and her family's help, Jung-suk tries to get back the truck and find a way to get out of the hellish land of zombies.



Running Time

116 min

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