Pasta : E01


Love Made from Scratch and Cooked to Perfection!

To Seo Yoo-kyung, a plate of well-made pasta is not just food but the epitome of happiness and perfection. Unable to forget the pasta she had as a child, she worked her way up from the lowest ranking kitchen assistant to the number 9 cook at a prestigious Italian restaurant called La Sfera. However, her excitement at being promoted to a position where she is allowed to use a pan is thwarted when the restaurant invites a notoriously misogynous, tyrannical and sharp-tongued Choi Hyun-wook to be the new head chef. Upon his arrival, he makes it impossible for female staff members to continue working, and all the female staff members leave, except for Yoo-kyung. Determined to realize her goal of becoming a chef, Yoo-kyung persists despite Hyun-wook’s harsh treatment and hostile work environment. Yoo-kyung’s tenaciousness moves Hyun-wook, and he starts to open up his heart to her. However, the situation becomes more complicated when the restaurant hires Oh Sae-young, who betrayed Hyun-wook for her own success when they were studying together in Italy.

Tags Pasta,MBC,drama,Gong Hyo-jin,Lee Sun-gyun,Lee Ha-Nui,Alex Chu,Lee Hyeong-Cheol,Choi Jin-Hyuk,Jo Sang-Gi,Bong-gi Baek,Seung-Jae,Jung Da-Hye,Noh Min-woo,Hyun Woo,Choi Jae-hwan,Ha Jae-soo

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