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Partners for Justice Season 2 : E04


The show is the continued story of the "perfect" joint investigation team. In the last season, Baek Bum, an experienced and eccentric coroner, and Eun Sol, a new and passionate prosecutor, cooperated with each other to take down criminals. Sometimes things from their past put them in danger, but they always found a way to clear their names. Now, some times later, they still work with each other, along with Eun-sol's boss, Do Ji-han and the best team of National Forensic Service and Prosecutors' Office. One day, Baek Bum conducts an autopsy on an unusual body that reminds him of the mysterious case a year ago. That body eventually leads the joint team to a new challenge.

Tags drama,Jung Jae-young, Jung Yu-mi, Oh Man-seok, Noh Min-woo, Kang Seung-Hyun, Joo Jin-mo, Song Young-kyu, Ko Kyu-phill, No Susanna, Ahn Suk-hwan, Park Jun-gyu, Park Hee-jin, Kim Young-woong

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