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One the Woman : E11 - 10/22/2021


Cho Yeon-joo is an icon of ‘from rags to riches.’ Born as a daughter of a gang, she became a corrupted prosecutor whose only goal is more wealth and power. One day, she chases a suspect for a secretly investigating case and gets hit by a car. Waking up in a hospital, she can’t recall any memory. At the same time, everybody calls her Kang Mi-na, a chaebul heiress and a family member of Hanjoo Group, one of the biggest chaebul in Korea. Yeon-joo now becomes Mi-na, whose life is much more complicated and unhappy than it looks, and starts to show off her original personality. Mi-na’s family, who have been despising and ignoring her, gets startled by the new version.

Tags Drama,comedy,Lee Ha-nee,Lee Sang-yoon,Jin Seo-yeon,Lee Won-geun,One the Woman,SBS

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