One Fine Day : E01


Seo Geon and Seo Ha-neul became siblings through their parent’s marriage. However, they lost their parents in an accident and sent to different orphanage. Ha-neul is adopted by a wealthy couple who were looking to find a substitute for the daughter they lost while Geon is sent to Australia to live with his poor adoptive parents. Having grown up to be a swindler, Geon decides to scam Ha-neul when he learns that her adoptive parents are rich. However, when he sees her again, his tender feeling towards her pierces through his heart that was hardened through hardships and hurt feelings.

Tags One Fine Day, drama, MBC, Gong Yoo, Sung Yu-ri, Namgoong Min, Lee Yeon-hee, You Ha-jun, Kang Sung-jin, romance

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