Once Again : E06


Mr. and Mrs. Song, the owners of a fried chicken joint in Yongjoo Market, have one son and three daughters, whose marriages end up divorce. Joon-seon, the oldest, hasn't be committed to his own family. Ka-hee, the older daughter, left her cheating husband. Na-hee, the mother's favorite, has conflicted with the mother-in-law and fallen out of love with the husband. Da-hee, the youngest, ended her marriage on the wedding day. The adult siblings end up living crowded with their parents. The family drama focuses on the boisterous lives of the Songs, their extended family, and the people in Yongjoo Market.

Tags KBS,drama,Once Again,Cheon Ho-jin,Cha Hwa-yeon,Kim Bo-yeon,Lee Jung-eun,Lee Min-jung,Lee Sang-yeob,Oh Dae-hwan,Oh Yoon-ah

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