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On the Verge of Insanity : E09


Choi Ban-seok has worked as an engineer for 22 years at Changin Office of Hanmyung Electronics, making some hit products. After his team has been disbanded, he gets transferred to the Human Resources, meaning that he has to learn and adjust to the new field he never imagined. Dang Ja-young, his new boss from the Seoul Office, feels frustrated that she should teach Ban-seok, who somehow decides to learn new tasks instead of quitting. The fact that her ex-husband works at Changin Office, and something annoying happens around her, doesn't bother her as much as this situation. However, both Ban-seok and Ja-young agree at least one thing: they have to get through the day to survive in the company.

Tags MBC,drama,On the Verge of Insanity,Jung Jae-young,Moon So-ri,Lee Sang-yeop,Kim Ka-eun

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