Olive Pocha : E12 - 02/06/2019


Pojangmacha comes to Europe! A snack cart full of Jeong(affection) and delicious Korean street food opens in Paris, Deauville, and Copenhagen. Anybody is welcome: overseas Koreans who've missed food from home or local residents that want to experience Korean food and Soju. There are plenty of food, liquor, smiles, and warmth. In "Borderless Carriage," you can meet good people and touching stories from everyday life. Seven celebrities including Park Joong-hoon and Shin Se-kyung will cook for and serve the customers.

Tags Olive, Variety, reality, food, Park Joong-hoon, Shin Se-kyung, Lee Yi-kyung, Ahn Jung-hwan, Sam Okyere, Yoon Bo-mi, Microdot

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