Ode to My Father

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Ode to My Father



Director / Writer

Youn Je-kyun,Park Soo-jin,Youn Je-kyun


Hwang Jung-min,Kim Yoon-jin,Oh Dal-soo,Jung Jin-young


“Ode To My Father” is the story of Deok-Su, a completely ordinary man, who in the face of tumultuous events, marshals extraordinary courage to protect his family. Sticking together they survive some of modern history’s most significant events. As a child, Deok-Su had to say goodbye to his father during a North Korean refugee evacuation amidst the Korean War. His last words to his father were a promise that he would always protect the family. As he matures, that vow leads him to the coal mines of 1960’s Germany, and even into the jungle of the Vietnam War. “Ode to My Father” is a heartwarming tale of a regular man who musters superhuman resilience for the sake of his family, all set in the maelstrom of modern history as it crashed over Korea. With echoes of tumultuous events happening around the globe today, “Ode to My Father” is a loving look at one family who manages to survive and even thrive.



Running Time

126 min

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