Number SIx : E01


Six men and women have been friends for 12 years since high school. Now in their late 20s, they try to maintain the friendship, but the situation around them all changes.  Of the six, Chang-kyung and Eun-kyung are married, and Se-jun and Se-ra are engaged. Won-tak and Min-joo, who were the first love to each other, fail to clear up their feelings completely. At Se-jun and Se-ra's engagement party at a resort, the six decide to tell their true feelings about each other. Their love and desire, which they have hidden under the name of friendship, and some old misunderstanding, make them in a tight spot. Unless things are not corrected, their friendship may be damaged forever.

Tags romance,melodrama,Lee Min-hyuk, Baek Seo-yi, Kwon Young-min, Woo-hee, Kang Yul, Han So-eun

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