Novoland : E01


Novoland is a fictional continent where humans and other species live in harmony. Asule, a young boy from North continent whose family and tribe got assassinated, finds out that he is the heir of Quingyang tribe, the invaders. He was abandoned because he was likely to die at a young age. To find the cure, he changes his name to Lu Guichen and heads to the East Continent as a hostage. Guichen meets two strangers at Hetang; Yu Ran, a Princess of the Winged Tribe, and Ji Ye, an illegitimate son of a nobleman.

Tags action,adventure,fantasy,period, Turbo Liu, Lareina Song, Chen Ruo Xuan, Zhang Jia Yi, Xu Qing, Zhang Feng Yi, Zhang Zhi Jian, Maggie Jiang, Li Guang Jie, Angel Wang

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