Nokdu Flower : A boy born again as a beast


In the late 19th century when Chosun was being swept away by waves of enlightenment, people in Gobu, Jeolla Province, are suffered by ruthless exploitation by corrupt officials. Several people accept the new religion called Donghak, which preaches that all men are equal. Lead by the local leader of Donghak, Jeon Bong-jun, peasants and followers of Donghak plan an armed revolt. Meanwhile, there are two brothers from the Baek family, a rich middle-class family in Gobu: bastard son Yi-kang works as a henchman, beating people and taking their food and land. Yi-hyun is an elite who is ashamed of his family's wrongdoing. When the revolt finally happens, Yi-kang chooses to fight for the people, hoping he can live in a better world. However, Yi-hyun, who goes along with the notion of modernization, joins the government army to defeat the rebels.

Tags Nokdu Flower,Drama,historical,drama,Jo Jung-suk,Yoon Shi-yoon,Han Ye-ri,Choi Moo-Seong,Park Hyeok-kwon,Kim Sang-ho,Choi Won-young,Hwang Young-hee,Baek Eun-hye,Seo Young-hee,Jung Sun-chul

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