Nobody Knows : E01 - 03/02/2020


A boy falls off the roof of a hotel and falls into a coma. Everyone thinks it's a suicide attempt, except two. Young-jin is a highly-decorative homicide detective who runs her team. To her, this is NOT just another case: the 7-year-friendship between her and Eun-ho, the boy, is one of the most valuable relationships she has. Feeling guilty that she doesn't care much for him, she starts the investigation. Another one is Sun-woo, Eun-ho's homeroom teacher. He tends to keep the distance from his students, but he's worried about Eun-ho's sad face these days. When he heard him jumping off, he willingly helps Young-jin to find out the truth. As the two gradually reveal the world of secrets built by a 15-year-old, the investigation leads to the very thing that haunts Young-jin: the serial murderer who murdered her best friend decades ago.

Tags SBS, mystery, drama, nobody knows, Kim Seo-hyung, Ryu Duk-hwan, Park Hoon, Ahn Ji-ho

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