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No Matter What : E96 - 02/22/2021


Hae-sim, an owner of a flower shop, has a unique and typical family. Having divorced with her ex-husband, she married Joong-han after long contemplation. With her daughter Bo-ra and Joong-han's daughter A-ri, they finally became a 'family.' As she finally gets relaxed, thinking everything will be okay, changes keep coming in the family. One day, A-ri brings Byeo-ri, her half-sister, from a mountain. Hae-sim's ex also is back from the US with his new wife. Bo-ra and A-ri meet potential suitors, but their relationships are possibly intertwined. Difficulties are ahead, and Hae-sim and Joong-han aren't sure whether they can keep the family safe.

Tags KBS, Drama, No Matter What, Na Hye-mi, Choi Woong, Jung Min-ah, Jeong Heon

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