New World

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New World



Director / Writer

Park Hoon-jung


Lee Jung-jae,Choi Min-sik,Hwang Jung-min,Park Sung-woong,Song Ji-hyo,Kim Yoon-sung,Na Kwang-hoon,Park Ro-sa,Choi Il-hwa,Joo Jin-mo,Jang Gwang,Kwon Tae-won,Kim Hong-pa


The chairman of Gold Moon, South Korea's most extensive criminal organization, has died. The conflict among factions seeking leadership is imminent, and the police execute Operation New World, seizing the control over Gold Moon. Captain Kang already infiltrated several undercover cops into Gold Moon. Lee Ja-sung, recruited eight years ago, worked undercover for a local crime boss, Jung Chung. Two men have become like brothers as the small organization became international crime syndicate. Kang proposes Jung alliance while imprisons Lee Joong-koo, Jung's rival, making him believe that Jung betrayed Gold Moon. Jung, however, hunts down most of the undercovers. Panicked Lee pleads Kang to extract him from the mission, but Kang refuses Lee's request and burns his service record. Between Jung's total trust on him and the police, Lee must choose his side now.



Running Time

134 min

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