Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho 2 : E01


The neighborhood lawyer is back! In the second chapter of Jo Deul Ho's life, he and his new team fight the ultimate evil which has connected with his past and present. His firm belief in justice gets some cracks when he encounters the new villain, Lee Ja-kyung. The right-hand woman for Chairman Kook, Lee is professional and confident, but underneath the elegance and grace demeanor, she is ruthless and merciless. She controls most of the elites from the Korean Society, and now she embarks her own 'trials of blood.' She is willing to eliminate obstacles, including her biggest foe, Lawyer Jo.

Tags KBS, drama, courtroom, Park Shin-yang, Ko Hyun-jung, Lee Min-jin, Choi Seung-kyung, Cho Dal-hwan, Lee Mi-do, Yoon Joo-man, Byun Hee-bong, Son Byeong-ho, Kim Beob-rae, Jung Hee-tae, Joo Jin-mo, Seo Yi-

Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho 2 - Episode

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