My Wonderful Life : E01


Bok-hee's life is full of exhausting events due to her playboy husband, trouble-making family, and selfish in-laws. But she never gives up: she always does her best for today, hoping for a better tomorrow. Meanwhile, Sang-a, the only living child of a self-made billionaire, has lived a prosperous and successful life. Now, she dreams of being the next CEO of his father's company. The twist in this story is that they were switched. The diligent merchant is a born-rich, and the arrogant heiress is from nowhere. Their unexpected relation gets more complicated as they form a love triangle with Si-kyung, Bok-hee's first love, and Sang-a's childhood friend.

Tags MBC, Drama, My Wonderful Life, Shim Yi-young , Jin Ye-sol, Choi Sung-jae, Won Ki-joon

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