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My Mother The Mermaid

Movie Info.


My Mother The Mermaid


Drama, Fantasy

Director / Writer

Park Heung-sik


Jeon Do-yeon, Park Hae-il, Go Doo-Shim, Kim Bong-geun, Lee Sun-gyun, Kang Dong-woo


Na-young is sick of her parents. Her father, Jin-kook, is so gullible that he can't support the family financially. Her mother, Yeon-soon, is more and more shameless about money. When Na-young finally gets a chance to go to New Zealand, Jin-kook disappears. Instead of getting on a plane to New Zealand, she goes to Jeju, her parents' hometown. There, she meets sweet and innocent 20-year-old Yeon-soon. She works as a woman diver to support her brother and has a crush on Jin-kook, a young mail carrier with bright eyes. Jin-kook also likes Yeon-soon, but he can't gather up the courage to ask her out. Na-young decides to help Yeon-soon to make her young parents fall in love.



Running Time

110 min

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