My Little Brother

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My Little Brother



Director / Writer

Ma Dae-yoon,Jung Mi-jin,Yoon Pil-joon


Lee Yo-won,Jung Man-sik,Esom,Jung Joon-won


The Oh siblings couldn't be more different. Sung-ho, the eldest, is trying to make ends meet and raising twins without a proper job. Ju-mi, the youngest and the prettiest, dreams of being an actress but keeps failing to get a chance. Soo-kyung, the middle and the successful one, is a news reporter who doesn't have a good relationship with the rest. When their fathers died, they find out they have a younger brother, Nak. Soo-kyung becomes the temporary guardian to her new brother, but she doesn't try to get to know him. One day, a colleague with connections takes Soo-kyung away from the correspondent job in New York. Then, she finds out that the decision is related to a particular corruption, and Nak may be the key to get close to the deeply buried truth.



Running Time

106 min

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