My Husband's Woman : E01


[Episode 13~24 will be updated on August 10.] Ji-soo and Hwa-young are old friends. Ji-soo makes a happy life with her husband Jun-pyo and son, and that's why she cares more about her friends who lost her husband and moved to Korea alone. She asks Jun-pyo to check on Hwa-young from time to time, never knowing what that leads to: Hwa-young and Jun-pyo fall in love. While Ji-woo feels betrayed by their affair, Hwa-young and Jun-pyo move in together and plan a new life. But their choice can cost other things in their lives.

Tags Drama,Kim Hee-ae,Bae Jong-ok,Kim Sang-joong,Ha Yoo-mi,My Husband's Woman,SBS

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