My Fellow Citizens! : E14


Yang Jung-gook is a third-generation con man. He's handsome, smart, and charming. He does the work very well and always narrowly escapes from the police. When he is betrayed by his girlfriend/associate, he meets Mi-young. They fall in love quickly and end up getting married. It turns out his wife is the Police Jung-gook has been avoiding for his all life! He can't tell what he really does for a living.  Then, Hoo-ja, the daughter of Jung-gook's victim, shows up and threatens him to run for the National Assembly. He knows nothing about politics, but his charm and confidence make him unique and unpredictable. As he becomes a wildcard on national politics, he has to fool everybody and be the real politician.

Tags Choi Si-won, Lee Yoo-young, Kim Min-jung, Tae In-ho, Kim Eui-sung, Woo Hyun, Park Kyung-hye, Yang Dong-geun, Lee Joo-myung, Kim Si-woo, Gil Hae-yoen, Choi Dae-chul, Kim Jong-gu, Park Eun-jin, Huh Jae-

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