My Fantastic Funeral : E01


Mi-soo just got diagnosed with a terminal illness. The brain tumor that was treated three years ago just has relapsed. She has estranged from her mother and her aunts. She has no boyfriend or close friend. So, she has to take care of everything by herself because no one will hold her funeral for her. That's when Dong-soo comes into her life, again. Ten years ago, Dong-soo passionately confessed his affection towards Mi-soo, which she refused. Now, Mi-soo chooses to get close to him because she thinks he can tide her life up after her death. However, she didn't know that the encounter could change her grand plan for the future.

Tags SBS, drama, romance, My Fantastic Funeral, Kyung Soo-jin, Choi Woo-shik, Yoo Ha-joon, Seo Yi-sook

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