Mother Of Mine : E42


Sun-ja has raised three daughters while managing a restaurant and supporting her family and in-laws for decades. She loves her daughters, strong and independent women themselves, but day-to-day interaction with them is somewhat like a battle or a war. Mi-sun, Sun-ja's eldest, juggles between raising her own child and managing the household without support from her husband and in-laws. Mi-kyung, the youngest and a one-hit wonder novelist, is frustrated with her unlucky career and the treatment from the family. Mi-ri, the second daughter, has a successful career and becomes the sole pillar to Sun-ja's exhausting days. The show focuses on realistic relationships among mothers and sisters and conveys the various aspects of the family in 21st-century Korea.

Tags variety,reality,An Yu-jin, Kim Gu-ra, Kang Boo-ja, Han Jun-hee, Shownu, Jeong Hyeong-don, Defconn, Kim Pung

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