Moon and Stars for You : E01


What is the meaning of family?

A family becomes scattered due to conflicts between family members, but they will realize that their family are the only ones who will be there for them during the most difficult times. Man-Ho boasts about his two sons at a meeting. He proudly proclaims that his first son Jin-Woo will become a professor at a medical school. Yet, Jin-Woo made a major error during an operation and now has a phobia of surgeries. Man-Ho's second son Jin-Goo has a physical struggle with a client on a construction site. Meanwhile, when Chae-Won walks down the stairs to the subway, she falls down. Jin-Woo, who is passing by, helps her. In the process, Jin-Woo hurs his hand. He doesn't realize at the time, but the hand injury will jeopardize his career as a doctor.

Tags Moon and Stars for You, Seo Ji-hye, Jo Dong-hyuk, Ko Se-won

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