Money Game : E01


Twenty years after the financial crisis, a major financial scandal is about to hit South Korea. Jungin Bank, which the government invests, is in danger of bankruptcy. Chae Yi-heon, a manager at Financial Services Commission, insists that the bank should be sold in the domestic market and be restructured. Not everyone seems to agree with his opinion, though. Some officials attempt to sell the bank to a private equity fund from Wall Street; someone fabricates the bank's BIS capital adequacy ratio. Lee Hye-joon, a young official at the Ministry of Economy and Finance, accidentally obtains the evidence. The mastermind behind the attempts is Heo Jae, the vice-chairman of FSC. In the era that money means the absolute power, three people with different visions on the economic system and the future of Korea are going to start the fierce battle.

Tags tvN,drama,money game,Go Soo,Lee Sung-min,Shim Eun-kyung,Teo Yoo,Choi Duek-mun,Choi Byung-mo,Cho Jae-ryong,Oh Ryung,Choi Woong,Bang Eun-hee,Mi Ram,Song Jae-ryong,Jung Dong-hwan

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