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Mom Has an Affair : E65


In Pil-jung's life, the worst choice is to get married. Being orphaned at a young age, she had to support her younger sister. All she dreamed was a stable job and a healthy and normal life, but that went away when she got married to Tae-sup. Her violent husband passed away seven years ago, leaving her two children and massive debt. Pil-jung swore to take care of them and never get married. But, the kids have a different idea. They demand their mother one thing: a handsome and rich father. So Pil-jung contemplates getting married again, even though she has to break her promise. At the same time, she starts caring about Min-chul, a new tenant of her boarder house, never having a clue about his true identity or purpose.

Tags SBS, Drama, Mom Has an Affair, Hyun Jyu-ni, Lee Jae-hwang, Moon Bo-Ryeong, Kim Hyung-bum, Nam Yi-an

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