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Modern Boy

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Modern Boy


Mystery, Romance, Drama

Director / Writer

Jung Ji-woo/ Jung Ji-woo, Lee Ji-min


Park Hae-il, Kim Hye-soo, Kim Nam-gil


Set in Japanese-occupied Korea in 1937, Modern Boy tells the story of Lee Hae-Myeong, a government general who falls in love at first sight with dancer Jo Nan-Shil at a speakeasy cabaret he visits with his best friend Shinsuke. Hae-Myeong finally begins a passionate romance with Nan-Shil, but a package she hands him explodes inside a government building and she disappears after stealing all of the valuables from Hae-Myeong's house. Hae-Myeong soon discovers the numerous identities she has lived under as well as the long list of suitors she has had in her life, and he pushes on to find out what her true identity is.



Running Time

121 min

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