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Miss Monte-Cristo : E82 - 06/08/2021


Eun-jo has never been happier. She is proud of her career as a designer. She has a loving family, best friends, and a fiance who loves her to death. However, a week before the wedding, Eun-jo gets betrayed by Ha-ra and Se-rin, the friends she wholeheartedly trusts. She gets into an accident and is fatally wounded, and that's when Hwang Ji-na, a big Hong Kong-based financier, saves her life. But she can't go back to her old life: everything she had, including her unborn baby, gets taken or lost. Why did the friends try to kill her? Because Ha-ra, the greedy one, wants Sun-hyuk, Eun-jo's fiance, while Se-rin, the jealous one, wants her success. With Hwang's help, Eun-jo becomes Ga-heun, her daughter who was actually killed in an accident, and enters the traitors' lives to bring them merciless revenge.

Tags KBS,drama,Miss Monte-Cristo,Lee So-yeon,Choi Yeo-jin,Kyung Sung-hwan,Lee Sang-bo

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